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Emergency Car Hire for Driving Test with qualified driving Instructor

Emergency driving lesson service with qualified driving Instructor
Emergency Last Minute Car Hire for Driving Test in Colchester,Clacton & Ipswich Call us on 07484654626 for quick response

We provide an emergency booking service for driving lessons & practicle driving test. We will only provide you with a fully qualified driving instructor that meets our high expectations. Our instructors are CRB checked by dvsa and have to go through our own stringent checks to ensure you are getting a quality instructor who has the experience and knowledge to help you pass your driving test.

If you have an urgent situation where you require emergency top up driving lessons or have a driving test booked or planning to book a short notice test then we can help. We will provide you with a qualified instructor and modern dual control car to pass quickly in the shortest possible time.
You might be looking for a legend instructor to help for a variety of reasons such as, Job requires a driving licence, leaving for university, personal health situation or just want to pass the driving test quickly and don’t want to wait for long period for a normal practical driving test.

There are some situation where the Candidate’s Driving Instructor can’t make the driving test or maybe double booked. What ever the reason we don’t judge we are here to help. We can supply you a emergency short notice driving Instructor with car hire. We currently cover Colchester,Clacton & Ipswich driving test centres and are looking to expand our network so watch this space.

We provide manual or automatic transmission vehicles for your practical driving test. Whether your short notice driving test is tomorrow, next week or next month we are ready to be a legend.
Our Driving School Cars are fully insured for the purpose of practical driving tests, we cover all candidates providing you have a valid provisional driving licence to drive a manual/ automatic vehicle. We also cover extended driving tests no questions asked. (surcharge for extended test applies)) The car hire includes an hour lesson before the test however we would advise you take 2 hours prior to test to fully feel comfortable with the vehicle and increase your chances of passing. If you decide to take this option we are offering a discounted rate for a limited period only!
Our Local Driving Instructor’s have the knowledge of the test routes and tips pointing out particular difficult locations, such as busy dual carriageways, roundabouts, faded road marking or obstructed road signs, that might have failed candidates in the past.

Car hire company for last minute driving tests in Essex
Are you permitted to use a normal hire car for driving test?
Most of the major car hire companies will not have dual controls and are probably not  insured for learner drivers taking the DVSA practical driving test.

Let us take the stress away simply contact us and our experts will make all necessary arrangements leaving you to relax and prepare for your test.

Please note the emergency car hire service with a qualified instructor is recommended for candidates who have taken a test before and have reached test standard. If you have not taken a test before then we strongly advise you get some private practise. Additionally we would recommend you take an assessment lesson for 2 hours prior to your driving test to see if you are ready and reached test standard. If you take the assessment lesson early enough and if we establish that you are not ready for your driving test then this could potentially save you a lot of money as you will have the option to change your driving test without loosing your test fee and our fees(minimum 3 clear working days to change a driving test and driving lessons booked with us). It is not essential you take an assessment lesson,however should you wish to only take the emergency driving test service then we will only accompany you for driving test if in our professional opinion you are ready. If you are not ready then we cannot offer our vehicle for the driving test and you will have the option to utilise this time as a normal driving lesson but under no circumstance can a refund be offered. Unfortunately we cannot offer any refunds unless you purchase a product and give us 3 clear working days notice.