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Terms & Conditions

By using our service you will accept all the following terms and conditions.

1. Introduction

  • You must pay a £50 deposit via bank transfer or Paypal to secure your place prior to your first lesson. The remaining balance must be paid in full by cash at the start of your first lesson.
  • We withdraw the right to refuse our vehicle for the driving test if in our professional opinion the candidate is not test standard. This is in the interest of your own safety, the public and anyone concerned. Our decision is final and cannot be reversed. We expect you the candidate to respect our decision. In the event you are not ready to take your test then we will offer the time as a normal driving lesson should you wish to take it (no refund will be given)
  • We strongly advise candidates who have opted for 1 hour only lesson prior to test to take some private practise. This option is only suitable for candidates who have previously taken  atleast 1 driving test and failed marginally. If you have not taken a test before then you must be reasonably confident in your ability to pass.
  • No refund will be offered under the following circumstances if you have not carried out necessary checks or the driving test cannot be conducted for the following reasons:
  1. The onus is on you the candidate to check any correspondence with dvsa regarding test confirmation details. You must check for any cancellations leading up to the day of your driving test. You must send us a copy of the driving test confirmation email/letter and notify us immediately of any cancellation/changes. If it appears you have the wrong date or time you are personally held responsible for any errors.
  2. You the candidate have failed to bring your driving licence to present to the examiner, the photo on your driving licence is not acceptable by the driving examiner, or for any other reason the driving examiner is not satisfied for the purpose of law.
  3. You the candidate have failed the eye sight test and therefore the driving test cannot be conducted. It is your responsibility to bring your glasses if required to drive legally.
  4. In the event your driving test is terminated for any reason by the driving examiner or if you choose to yourself then under no circumstance can you drive the vehicle and you must contact us immediately to arrange pick up.
  5. If we decide you have not reached the required standard to attempt a driving test then we may offer this time as a normal driving lesson instead, however we are not under any obligation to do so.
  6. If in the unfortunate event you are unwell or for any other reason you have to cancel/change a driving test or driving lessons then we require atleast 3 days notice otherwise no refund will be given.
  7. You must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If we suspect you have consumed alcohol then we reserve the right not to carry out the driving lesson and no refund will be offered.
  • You must disclose any medical conditions to dvsa and inform us of any conditions that might effect your control of the vehicle.
  • Pay our car insurance excess of £250 in the event of a fault or non fault If we can reclaim the excess from the insurance company then we will send you a refund as soon as possible.

2. We will honour you a refund under the following circumstances

  1. If our driving instructor is unwell and cannot carry out the driving lessons or driving test then we will try our best to arrange another driving instructor to replace. If we cannot provide you a replacement instructor then you are eligible for a refund of any outstanding hours remaining at the full rate.
  2. In the event the driving lessons or driving test cannot be conducted due to vehicle mechanical failure then we will try to find you a replacement instructor and vehicle. If this is not possible then you are eligible for a refund of any outstanding hours remaining at the full rate.
  3. We will offer you a full refund of any hours not taken provided we receive atleast 3 days notice of cancellation/ changes
  4. A refund will be offered in the event the test cannot be conducted due to our vehicle not meeting the required standards i.e tyres below legal limit. This only applies for the 1 hour vehicle hire during the driving test and not for driving lessons taken. A maximum amount of £75.00 will be payable.
  5. Should you have paid the insurance excess due to an accident and we later recover this amount then we will refund you the amount as soon as possible.